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After completing his upper secondary education at the Royal Military College, Dato Eu went to the University of Glasgow, Scotland where he obtained a BSc in Mechanical Engineering in 1976. In 1980 he obtained his MBA from the University of Bradford, England.

Dato' Eu has been associated with the Sumurwang Group since the 1980. He charted the path for Sumurwang's manufacturing arm, firstly under Dreamland Holdings Berhad and its subsequent venture into the steel business and the acquisition of i-Berhad.

He was the CEO and Director of i-Berhad from 1999 till his retirement in 2020. In 2022, he was re-appointed a Non-Executive Director. During his tenure with i-Berhad, he oversaw its diversification from the digital appliance business into property development. 

Prior to joining the Sumurwang Group, he was with PA Management Consulting. During his 10 years there, he also served as the Director of Studies for the Cranfield PA MBA Programme in Malaysia.

He is a self-taught value investor and has been investing in Bursa Malaysia and SGX companies from a value investment perspective for more than 20 years.  Prior to this, he would consider himself a "speculator" in the Graham context. 

His value investment experience has been enhanced by both: 
  • His contacts with controlling shareholders of many Bursa Malaysia companies.

These have given him a unique opportunity to be able to analyze and value companies differently from other research houses in the region.

He has tapped into his Board and C-Suite experience to develop practical and simple ways to tackle the 2 challenges that many retail investors faced:
  • How to analyze and value companies.
  • How to identify and mitigate risks from a permanent loss of capital perspective.

This blog is to ensure that the "know-how" can be "handed down" to his grandchildren when they are old enough to invest. 



If you need to get in touch with me, you can email i4valueasia@gmail.com

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