Do you really want to master value investing?

Learn how to invest in the stock market so that you can grow wealth in a safe manner.

     A “how-to” e-book at USD 9.99

Have you made money from the stock market?

For the retail investor, the stock market is a zero-sum game. You make money at the expense of another.

Yet you can be the winner and make money. And you can do it in a way that avoids losing your hard-earned savings.

You do this by developing your value investing skills. 

While there are many ways to develop your value investing skills, you should learn from this book if:

  • You don't have the time to follow a formal course and want to self-study. 
  • You learn better through text rather than through other mediums. 
  • You want a cost-effective yet in-depth dive into the subject. 

Why this book is different from other investment books

  • The goal is to develop your value investing skills. It is more than merely presenting the concepts. 
  • It focusses on how to invest while avoiding permanent loss of capital.  It provides a framework to mitigate risk that the author uses.
  • It is presented in a "show and tell" way with step-by-step examples. It is meant to hand hold you as you learn. 

Why I wrote the book

I started to learn value investing about 20 years ago as I wanted to have a passive income stream. Today, I am a self-taught value investor learning from books and online resources. It was very challenging to learn this way as most books talk about concepts. But very few actually show you how to put the concepts into action

Even the self-help books on valuation do not show the steps on how to calculate the value.  It can be very frustrating for a newbie, especially for an engineer like me, who had little finance or accounting knowledge.

I struggled to get to where I am today. But it was worth it as I have achieved an annual return over the past 2 decades that is about ¼ higher than my benchmark index. 

It took me about 2 years learning on a part-time basis to master value investing. I wrote this book so that my grandkids don't have to go through what I did to learn how to invest. I hope it can also help you shorten your learning curve.

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The approaches and framework presented in the book are based on my 2 decades of value investing experience. Other relevant experiences included being the CEO of listed companies. I have also served as a member of the Risk Management and Audit Committees of listed companies. I have tapped into them to provide unique insights into how you can be a successful value investor.

Today I contribute articles to investing sites such as ValueWalk and Seeking Alpha. My investing articles are frequently repurposed by such Malaysian media as Focus Malaysia and

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A peep into the book

To make money from the stock market, you need the expertise and skill. It is more than just acquiring the knowledge. You have to learn how to use the concepts in real-life settings.  
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As a newbie, you want to be sure that you are putting concepts into action the correct way. One way is to have some examples to refer to. This book is full of case studies, step-by-step worked examples and even standard worksheets to guide you as you master the art of value investing. 

But making money is more than just being able to pick the right stocks. It is also about protecting the downside. The book provides a framework to address all the investing risks.

How the book will benefit you

Mastering value investing is only the means to the final goal – how to grow wealth through investing. I am sure that you would have come across stories about people who have lost money in the stock market. Or that it is an activity that is stacked against the retail investor. These are stories from people who invested blindly. 

The reality is that when you invest, you are pitting yourself against the person on the other side. You need an edge to win. You achieve this by developing the skills and expertise. This book will show you how to do this. 

All of us dream of earning passive income, having a way to compound your wealth, or making enough to be able to retire early. I am confident that if you master value investing, all these are possible. 

What do you get?

  • 20 years of value investing and management insights.
  • A risk mitigation framework to enable you to seek higher returns without taking on more risks.
  • URLs to free online resources that I have used when learning value investing.
  • Worked examples based on real-life case studies that you can refer to as you analyze and value other companies.
  • Access to my standard analysis and valuation worksheets.

So, if you want to learn how to have a passive income stream from investing, the e-book is now available from AmazonKobo and Google Play.

PS: If you are in Malaysia or Singapore, the e-book can only be download from Kobo and Google Play. 


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