This is a blog where I share my thoughts about winning investment strategies all through a value investing lens. 

I am a self-taught value investor and I had to spend considerable time running through tons of articles to find the relevant learning materials. 

I hoped that the various articles and case studies in the blog can help the readers cut short the search process and be a useful resource for those who want to learn about value investing. 

The focus is on in-depth business analysis and valuation of listed companies.  The idea is to learn investing through "real-life" case studies.

While I may make comments about a particular stock as a buying opportunity, they are not about current situations.  As such, they are not meant to be taken as investment advice. 

Navigating the Blog

1) The home page highlights the latest 5 posts. To go to the post, click on the "READ MORE" button of the chosen post.  If you want to see the next 5 posts in chronological order, click on "MORE POSTS" at the bottom of the last article on the landing page.

2) Just above the first post on the home page, you will find 2 buttons:
  • Home - this will bring you back to the home page
  • About - a brief description of the blog

3) On the top left-hand corner of the home page, you can see a button with 3 horizontal lines. If you click on this, it will take you to a page where you can jump to:
  • Labels - you can jump to all articles under the relevant label
  • Archives - a short-cut to all the articles in descending chronology
  • Foundations in Value Investing - links to all the concepts
  • Index of Companies Analysed - list of case studies
  • Pointers 
  • About the Author
  • In the News - links to all the re-purposed articles published in other portals

4) The search button is located on the top right-hand corner of the home page.

Reading Guide

There are 4 categories of posts in this blog
  • Foundations
  • Case Study
  • Pointers
  • Tips


These focus on business analysis and valuation concepts. I generally cover one main topic per post.

You can find the topics that I have covered listed on the Foundations in Value Investing Page. 

Case Study

These are case studies of different companies. I focus on companies from the ASEAN and US stock markets.

There will be an analysis and valuation of a different company every month that is generally published as a 2 parter.

The first part is published in the first half of the month while the second part is published in the second half of the same month. 

There are also some notes at appropriate points in each case study to illustrate the relevant investing concepts.

The companies covered are listed in the Index of Companies Analysed. 


These are pointers about investing in general or about the lessons of the case studies.

These posts are published in between the Case Study so that readers can pick up relevant points before they go on to the other part of the Case Study


These are basically Infographics of the key investing concepts as well as the Case Study Companies. 

It is meant for the experienced investors who just want a quick refresher as well as the highlights of the companies covered in the Case Studies.

I generally publish the Infographics about 2 weeks after the completion of the Case Study. After all the blog is meant to be a learning guide and not a place for stock tips.

I gather all the Infographics of the concepts and companies in one post "Are these outstanding stocks - what to consider?" 

You can get to it by clicking on the Tips label. 

In the News

A number of my posts have been re-published in other media. I have listed them under this Page. It is worth a read if as they provide a gist of the points I am trying to make in the respective articles. 

How to use the blog

The way you reference this blog would depend on your level of value investing knowledge

a) Expert

  • Then if you want further details, you can look at the relevant case studies. The companies covered are listed in the "Index of Companies Analyzed"
  • You may also want to check out other articles listed in "Pointers".  These look at alternative investments eg properties and other investing concepts. 

b) Intermediate level

You know the basics of value investing and you are looking to hone your skills

c) Beginner 

  • If you are starting out to invest, I suggest that you start with "Baby steps into the investment universe: Beginners: Part 1 of 3".  It will then lead you to a list of online resources in Part 2 and Part 3 that is intended for those who want to self-learn value investing. Unfortunately, this blog is not about teaching beginners how to invest.
  • I have a number of slide presentations that can provide an Investing 101 perspective of some of the concepts. Search for them in the SlideShare section of "In the News
  • Once you have gained sufficient knowledge and skills, you can follow the Intermediate advice (b) above.

So please do subscribe and check back often to catch up on what is new.


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