This is a blog where I focus on companies from within the ASEAN stock markets and share my thoughts about winning investment strategies all through a value investing lens.

The focus is on in-depth business analysis and valuation of listed companies. It is like an investing "guide" in the form of case studies.

There are 4 categories of posts in this blog
  • Foundations
  • Case Study
  • Pointers
  • Stock Tips


These focus on business analysis and valuation concepts. I generally cover one main topic per post.

You can find the topics that I have covered listed in the Foundations in Value Investing Page. 

Case Study

These are case studies of different companies.

There will be an analysis and valuation of a different company every month that is generally published as a 2 parter.

The first part is published in the first half of the month while the second part is published in the second half of the same month.

The companies covered are listed in the Index of Companies Analysed. 


These are pointers about investing in general or about the lessons of the case studies

These posts are published in between the Case Study parter so that readers can pick up relevant points before they go onto the other part of the Case Study

Stock Tips

These are basically Infographics of the Case Study Companies.

It is meant for the experienced investors who just want the highlights of the companies covered in the Case Studies.

I generally publish the Infographics about 2 weeks after the completion of the Case Study. After all the blog is meant to be a learning guide and not a place for stock tips.

I gather all the Infographics of the companies in one post "Are these outstanding Bursa stock tips - what to buy?" 

You can get to it by clicking on the Stock Tips label. 

So please do subscribe and check back often to catch up on what is new.


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