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Valuing property companies through a house valuation lens

Fundamentals 21: There is an analogy between valuing a house and valuing a company. This article looks at the nuances when valuing property companies through such a lens.  

Is LIIHEN one of the better Bursa Malaysia furniture stocks?

Value Investing Case Study 25-1. I had identified LIIHEN as a potential candidate in my Dec 2021 article on the Malaysian furniture sector.  This is my investment thesis on LIIHEN.

The ultimate Q&A to Stock Returns 101

Investing tips 06:  This post about stock returns is part of a series of investing advice that has been collated from my Quora responses. I have updated it with some stock returns concepts. Revision date: 6 March 2022. “Superior investors make more money in good times than they give back in bad times.”  Howard Marks