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Mac 2022 review of the stock picking portfolio

Fundamentals 20-2: In Jan 2022, I constructed a stock portfolio that is to be reviewed and updated based on "live" data. The goal is to illustrate how to manage a stock portfolio.  This is the first quarterly review of the said stock picking portfolio. 

Is Wing Tai one of the better SGX stocks?

Value Investing Case Study 10-3. I initially covered Wing Tai in Mac 2021 based on the Annual Reports till FYE June 2020. This post is an update taking into account the Annual Report for FYE June 2021.

Is Lohakit Metal one of the better SET steel companies?

Value Investing Case Study 26-1. I had identified Lohakit Metal as a potential candidate in my Feb 2022 article on the Thai steel sector.  This is my investment thesis on Lohakit Metal.