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Can you make money trading with fundamentals?

Case Notes 25. Traders generally rely on price action to identify stocks to trade. The article makes the case that fundamental analysis can be a useful tool in the traders’ toolkits.   

The stock picking portfolio has lost money – do not panic.

Fundamentals 20-3:   I established a stock picking portfolio at the start of 2022. While the Mac 2022 review showed that it made money, this end of Jun review indicated a loss. My advice is to continue to hold as the intrinsic values are still intact.  

Is NVR Inc one of the better NYSE stocks?

Value Investing Case Study 30-1: An updated fundamental analysis of NVR, a NYSE home builder, based on the first quarter of 2022 financials.

Is Poh Kong a proxy for gold?

Value Investing Case Study 29-1: A look at my investment in Poh Kong to decide whether to exit now or to keep it as a gold proxy.