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Is CBIP a money making opportunity? Find out using Shareinvestor.

Value Investing Case Study 34-1: This is a worked example of how I used the Shareinvestor WebPro to analyse and value a company. It uses CB Industrial Product Holding Bhd as the case study in this fundamental analysis.  

Innovative Industrial Properties - the financial statements don't tell all

Value Investing Case Study 33-1: In this post, I share my thoughts on how I derived the Investment Thesis for Innovative Industrial Properties Inc. Looking at the numbers from the financial statements are not sufficient. You have to dig deeper.

Do you really want to master value investing?

Tips C  - This post summarizes the value investing insights extracted from my book “Do you really want to master value investing”. They are infographic-based with insights starting from Chapter 1 of the book. I plan to publish 7 infographics every couple of weeks until I complete the whole book. Revision date: 11 Sep 2022  

Are there Bursa proxies for gold?

Case Notes 26. This article explores whether there are Bursa Malaysia gold proxies. It also considers whether an investor would be better off investing in a Bursa Malaysia gold proxy rather than gold.