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Hunting for Thai steel and metal companies

Case Notes 21. This post compiles the based rates for the steel and metal sector in Thailand. I have also identified some potential steel companies under SET for further investigation.  

How to identify property cycles for equity investment opportunities

Case Notes 20.  This article looked at the various ways to identify a property cycle. In the context of investing in Bursa Malaysia property companies, the Housing Price Index is the best metric to use for identifying the Malaysian property cycle.   

Making sense of the Bursa Malaysia construction sector

Case Notes 19.  This article looked at the Bursa Malaysia construction companies and identified the better companies for further investigation. It also compiled the base rates for the construction sector.  

Is Dayang one of the better Bursa Malaysia Oil and Gas stocks?

Value Investing Case Study 07-3. I first covered Dayang in Dec 2020. That analysis was based on the Annual Reports till 2019. This post is an update incorporating the FYE 2020 results and the LTM results for 2021.