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Investing in a high inflation environment

Case Notes 23. Using US and Bursa Malaysian companies as examples, this post looks at the issues to consider when investing in a high inflation environment. 

Boise Cascade - beware of illusory valuations

Value Investing Case Study 11-3: This is an update of Boise Cascade taking into account the Q1 2022 results. The focus is on valuation. Different assumptions lead to different conclusions. The challenge is deciding on a realistic picture.  

WOR is still one of the better NYSE stocks

Value Investing Case Study 16-3. I last covered Worthington Industries in July 2021. This is an updated analysis incorporating the Q3 2022 results. Note that the FYE is May.

Hunting for Bursa Malaysia ICT services and software companies

Case Notes 22. This post compiles the base rates for the Bursa Malaysia ICT services and software companies. I have also identified a potential company for further investigation.

Heitech Padu - my investment dilemma

Value Investing Case Study 27-1. This is a different approach from the other companies that I have analyzed. It is a combination of fundamental analysis of HTPadu and my investment history in the company.