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Do you really want to master value investing?

Tips C  - This page summarizes the value investing insights extracted from my book “Do you really want to master value investing”.  I plan to publish 7 infographics every couple of weeks until I complete the whole book. This is my fifth update. Revision date: 26 Feb 2023  

Focusing on the assumptions of perpetual growth model

Fundamentals 25: I frequently use the perpetual growth model to value companies. I called it the single-stage discounted FCFF model. This post discusses the various assumptions associated with this model. It is intended to show that there are many implicit and explicit assumptions when using this valuation model.  

Is Glomac a value trap?

Value Investing Case Study 39-1: A fundamental analysis of Glomac to see whether it is a value trap. I invested in Glomac years ago. This post summarized my investment thesis on why I should continue to hold onto it.

How to overcome issues when valuing cyclical companies

Fundamentals 24:  This article looks at the issues and practical solutions when analyzing and valuing cyclical companies. They are based on the author’s own experience.