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Base rates for US cyclical companies

Case Notes 32: This article compiles the base rates for the key metrics used in deriving the WACC for the US steel, home building, and building products sectors. 

Is Plenitude a value trap?

Value Investing Case Study 41-1: A fundamental analysis of Plenitude Bhd to see whether it is a value trap. It presents my rationale for continuing to hold onto this stock and why it is not a value trap.

How to value high growth companies

Fundamentals 26: This post looks at the issues when valuing high-growth companies. I used CBIP to illustrate how to model growth and estimate the intrinsic value. 

MKH – will there be another multi-bagger opportunity?

Value Investing Case Study 40-1: A fundamental analysis of MKH Bhd to see whether there is another multi-bagger opportunity. It presents my investment thesis and the rationale for it.