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Is CSC Steel one of the better Bursa steel stocks?

Value Investing Case Study 04:  Company analysis and valuation of CSC Steel, a cold roll company listed on Bursa Malaysia. This is an update where I have also pulled together the findings from my earlier articles. You would also be re-directed here if you tried to access the earlier CSC Steel articles. Revision date: 28 May 2023.

Baby Steps into the Investment Universe: Beginners: Part 1 of 3

Fundamentals 04-1: This is a post for those who don't know anything about investing but want to start investing. Revision date: 21 May 2023

Which are the better stocks in Bursa Malaysia furniture sector?

Case Notes 17.  This article identified the better furniture companies under Bursa Malaysia. It also compiled the base rates for the furniture sector. Revision date: 14 May 2023

How To Mitigate Risks When Value Investing

Fundamentals 03:  Risks differ depending on the type of assets and investment style.  This post looks at risk and risk mitigation from the perspective of a stock-picking value investor.   Note that there is a PowerPoint presentation of this article on SlideShare under " Baby steps in managing investment risks " .   Revision date: 10 May 2023    "Risks come from not knowing what you are doing" Warren Buffett