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Are these outstanding stocks - what to consider? (Bursa Malaysia)

Tips A - Bursa Malaysia.   This post is a quick guide to all the Bursa companies analyzed in the blog. Each Bursa stock covered is summarized with its infographic. Look here if you want to refer to infographics of case study companies listed on other stock exchanges.    Revision date:  17 Sep 2023

How the Malaysian plantation sector performed over the past 10 years

Case Notes 12.  I originally wrote this article to cover 2013 to 2020. I have now updated this to 2022. It covered the performance of the companies under the Bursa Malaysia plantation sector. The data are meant to serve as base rates when analyzing plantation companies. Revision date: 10 Sep 2023  

In Malaysia, which has better returns; Stock market or Property?

Case Notes 03:  Comparing the returns from investing in residential properties in Malaysia with those from investing in Bursa Malaysia. Revision date: 3 Sep 2023