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Retail investors need a different valuation perspective

Case Notes 33. As a retail investor, you are a part-owner of a company. But you should look at the value of the company you invest through a different lens than the controlling shareholder. This is because you don’t control the assets or management.  

How often do you review the winning stock portfolio?

Fundamentals 20-6: This is the March 2023 review of the winning stock portfolio that was first established at the start of 2022. I will also share my views on how often you should review the portfolio.  

Is Crescendo a value trap?

Value Investing Case Study 42-1 :  A fundamental analysis of Crescendo to show that it is not a value trap. I also shared my rationale for continuing to hold onto this stock. 

Do you really want to master value investing?

Tips C  - This page summarizes the value investing insights extracted from my book “Do you really want to master value investing”.  I plan to publish 7 infographics every couple of weeks until I complete the whole book. Revision date: 9 Apr 2023  

Are these outstanding stocks - what to consider? (Other Stock Exchanges)

Tips B  - Other Stock Exchanges. This is a quick guide to diversification concepts as well as case study companies listed in other countries (from a Malaysian perspective).  Look here if you want to see the infographics of Bursa Malaysia case study companies.  Revision date:  2 April 2023

Are these outstanding stocks - what to consider? (Bursa Malaysia)

Tips A - Bursa Malaysia.   This post is a quick guide to all the investing concepts and Bursa Malaysian case study companies in the blog.  Look here if you want to refer to infographics of case study companies listed on other stock exchanges.    Revision date:  2 Apr 2023